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We are very lucky to be able to source our products locally, right here in the UK. Our CBD Oil range is manufactured and UKAS tested in a UK Lab. This ensures they are safe, ethically and sustainably produced and absolutely top quality. CBD Oil is a quickly growing industry and we are very happy to be among the ambassadors and pioneers of the British CBD Oil industry. The companies that sell locally sourced CBD Oil are part of a very exclusive group. We take our responsibility as a member of the CBD Oil industry in the UK very seriously and therefore strive to provide you with products we are proud of.

Flora-Fusion is a project of passion and it is about much more than selling UK wide. It is about speaking to customers, partnering with local business and creating a community around CBD products. We are based in Scotland and are proud of our roots there. We have made a reputation for being ethical, sustainable, friendly.

You are more than welcome to view and buy CBD oil from our online store. If you have made it this far, we are thrilled. Our oil is building a reputation for its quality and delicate nutty taste. We offer CBD oils from around the world, however, we know that our UK range is the very best we offer. So Buy CBD Oil by following the link. If you would like to view our Hemp seed Oil UK range click the link.

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About Our Flora-Fusion Organic Cannabis Oil UK Range

We have a range of CBD hemp oil for sale UK wide, and UK infused hemp oil products available too. This is actually our most popular product range and it has created a little bit of a reputation for itself among our family, friends and long-time customers.

We have noted that our organic hemp seed oil has a delicate nutty flavour when applied orally and it is suitable for consumption for those with special dietary requirements. For those who are: Vegetarians, Vegans, Lactose intolerant, Gluten intolerant,

Peanut/Nut/Sesames/Soya intolerant, Dairy Protein intolerant, Celiac intolerant or Kosher, our range is made with you in mind too.

Organic CBD Oil UK is already a very naturally beneficial oil to consume. The seed its self is about 32% edible oil that contains 80% as essential fatty acids. This includes linolenic acid, omega 6, alpha-linolenic acid plus gamma-linolenic acid, omega 3, stearidonic acid and omega 3. Our Organic Hemp seed Oil UK range has been infused with CBD which is known to have health and well-being properties (potentially for Asthma, arthritis and Epilepsy ). The CBD is known to affect the Endo-Cannabinoid System and promote a naturally strong immune system.  There are not many companies selling UK manufactured CBD products including Organic Hemp Oil.

The Flora-Fusion CBD Oil UK range is produced with the utmost care so that the best results can be achieved. The cannabis sativa is selected and isolated and then it is infused with, cold pressed, certified organic hemp oil. Our oil CBD for sale is manufactured and tested in the UK, under UKAS laboratory conditions. As an average, our reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and Flora Fusion has become one of the most popular producer and supplier of CBD Oil in Scotland. We have been given a CBD Oil Review of 5 stars on our Facebook, on Google, on our Website and plenty of different mediums. If you have tried our products please leave your review on our Product pages!

We know that plenty of our customers have purchased other products after they buy our CBD oil and they always come back for more. It is something we are very proud of. Feel free to view our other products too- such as Our CBD MCT Oil (Click here for MCT Oil BenefitsCBD Paste & CBD Isolate.

What is the CBD law in the UK?

We already have a blog post which covers this in more detail, but the main thing which you need to know is that CBD oil is perfectly legal within the UK. Its use has become more widely accepted as people have become more aware of the benefits of the oil. CBD is legal in the UK because hemp is legal here, and it's highly unlikely that either of these will ever become illegal in the future.

Flora Fusion is also part of the CTA (Cannabis Trade Association) so we plan to adhere to their guidelines the best we can.

Is Cannabis Oil Legal to Buy in the UK?

It is a long debated topic: is CBD oil legal in the UK? Well, yes, CBD is legal here. It is legal to produce, sell and consume CBD products. Despite this, the CBD industry is heavily regulated and confined by legality. For those of us that sell and market CBD products, we have a robust set of guidelines that we all have to abide by. It can get a bit complex but let us break it down for you.

Cannabis oil UK law is exactly the same as the law that determines whether hemp oil is legal (UK). The cannabis plant has a higher concentration of THC in its biological makeup. This creates a challenge for producers trying to comply with Cannabis oil UK Law. It means that a higher concentration of THC in Cannabis oil is a bigger risk than in Hemp products. Therefore to comply with cannabis oil UK law, it is imperative that we know what is in the bottle. It is not an easy defence to suggest that a provider honestly has no knowledge of the concentration in the bottle- this becomes a particular issue if the CBD oil is sourced outside of the UK. Our CBD oil is manufactured in the UK and is UKAS tested so that we ensure compliance with the Cannabis Oil (UK) Law.

We have tried and tested loads of the best ways to take CBD Oil and we narrowed down the top 4. The best way to start is to think about what you need the CBD Oil for; that way you can ascertain the most effective way to consume the health and well-being effects. In short, if you want to reduce the pain in your knees, don't put it on your head.

 The best ways to take CBD Oil are to Eat it, Drink it, Vape CBD E-liquid & Topically apply (in a face wash for example). More detail can be found in our blog or read our 'How to use: Flora Fusion' Page.

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